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Climate change is on everyone's radar and the Automotive industry is at the cutting edge of change - with very strict targets of CO2 reduction we are at an exciting point of change in moving from a finite fuel source to a more sustainable method of transportation.

Audi as you would expect with the strap line of Vorsprung Durch Tecknik are at the forefront of change - we offer a range of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and by 2025 we will have more alternative fuel options than conventional combustion cars.

To help you navigate this change the Perth Audi staff are all fully EV trained, to ensure we give you the very best advice and solution to your motoring needs. Our Audi centre has been electrified with different chargers available on site to keep you topped up. We are also an associate member of EVA Scotland a fantastic resource for new and current EV owners and they share the real life day to day ownership of an EV vehicle.

See below for our current EV options and brief introduction to the differences and some very useful information videos.


A Plugin Hybrid, uses conventional technology coupled with an electric range - the electric range covers approx 25 miles (90% of commutes are less than this) and for longer journeys you have the backup of conventional engines allowing up to 400 miles range using both technologies. Our availablity of PHEV models are:

Q5 TFSIe - available now

A3 TFSIe - available now

A6 TFSIe - available now

A7 TFSIe - available now

A8 TFSIe - available now

Q7 TFSIe - available now

Q3 TFSIe - available now


A Battery Electric Vehicle relies solely on battery power as its fuel source - the range currently is a published 237 miles, however many factors can effect this figure depending on environmental conditions and driving style. Instead of a fuel tank and range you have a battery capacity and usage measured in wK per hour - our e-tron 55 has a 95wK battery and we have seen customers achieve in excess of 3 wK/h usage allowing the range to extend further. Our BEV models are:

Q4 e-tron - available now

e-tron 55 95wK - available now

e-tron 50 71wK - available now

e-tron Sportback 55 - available now

e-tron GT - available now

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