Video Health Check

Complimentary Personalised video from your technician with a full health Check while your car is with Camerons


Volkswagen Video

With Volkswagen Video, there's no need to use your imagination - you can see for yourself

Volkswagen Video is a revolutionary way of showing you the condition of your car and any work that may be required now or in the future. 

Now you can see and authorise work needed on your car, from your smartphone, computer or mobile device. In your video your technician will provide a short summary of the results of your Express Visual Check and will highlight any items which have been identified as requiring attention either urgently or in the future.  

Express Visual Check is a 34 point visual check emailed/texted to your device along with the Personalised video of your car

a green tick


All items in full working order with a clean bill of health

An amber sign


Currently safe and legal but may need maintenance in the near future - before the next scheduled visit

A red sign


Require immediate attention due to being illegal, un-roadworthy or potentially unsafe