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5 May, 2018
All aspects of the purchase were handled extremely well by the retailer which Made our decision to purchase the correct car for our overall needs."
12 May, 2018
"All staff I was involved with at Cameron motors were very helpful informative and a pleasure to
deal with."
13th May, 2018
CAMERON’s because i didn’t feel in any way pushed or pressured."
16 May, 2018
"Just a very good experience, better than the
major chains of garages in Scotland"
13 May, 2018
"Because in the main there was no heavy sell
and I was allowed time to view vehicles without
being constantly talked at by the sales person."
12 May, 2018
"The test drive was vital as it enabled us to make
our final decision on which model of Polo to
12 May, 2018
"Good experience and we are both very happy with the car."
17 May, 2018
"Several cars shown, asked question and
answers given"
12 May, 2018
"All staff I was involved with atCameron motors
were very helpful informative And a pleasure to
deal with."
12 May, 2018
"All employees we met were a credit to CAMERON Motors well trained and
Professional . My wife and myself were both satisfied with the whole
11 May, 2018
"Car was booked in quickly for service due to terrible customer service
experience at specialist VW in Aberdeen. I bought from CAMERON’s but
work in Aberdeen. I made huge mistake taking to specialist vw in Aberdeen
for service. Arriving at CAMERON’s was like coming home!"
14 May, 2018
"Offered to service the car immediately, saving
me a journey home and back (1/2 hour each
way) and cost of courtesy car and fuel."
17 May, 2018
"Welcoming, drink offered made comfortable and
at ease."
11 May, 2018
"Great communication, leased from CAMERON’
s. Work in Aberdeen and took to specialist vw for
service for convenience. Very poor experience at
specialist vw. I would rather take day off and
drive down to Perth as their customer service is
17 May, 2018
"Good experience. Employee spent time on what
I wanted. Welcoming."
12 May, 2018
"Timeous lift into and return from town"
19 May, 2018
"Nothing was too much trouble."
24 May, 2018
"Listened to what I would like and made sure that I got a car suitable for my
needs since I drive to Perth every day for work"
24 May, 2018
"Couldn’t have been treated any better"
24 May, 2018 "Because he made sure I had everything I wanted within my price range"
23 May, 2018
"No problem exchanging information to enable car to be booked in correctly"
25 May, 2018 "Just that it was a positive experience all around, and in particular due to
the service we received. We were treated with a great deal of respect and
friendliness as well as given thorough information on all aspects of the
purchase options and what suited us best."
25 May, 2018 "I really enjoy the cappuccino there, while waiting for my car. The staff don't hurry me and are all very courteous."
23 May, 2018 "Only drawback was my RAC insurance black
box was somehow disconnected and I was in formed of this by email from RAC who eventually advised re connection."
19 May, 2018 "Treated like a family member throughout our visit."
23 May, 2018 "Good cup of coffee enjoyed by friend with me during her short wait. Lift into Perth swift and much appreciated."
25 May, 2018 "I love having my car cleaned too! Waiting area is comfortable, good reading material while waiting."
8 Jun, 2018
"I live in Edinburgh so it was quite a trip but I was happy to do that to get good value for money and great service. I was offered a taxi to go in to
8 Jun, 2018
"I am genuinely delighted I went there for my service rather than go local. Having had a brilliant customer service experience when I bought the car, the team delivered again when I went for the service. It was a lovely atmosphere and they made us feel so welcome and special -thanks to everyone."
8 Jun, 2018
"Every member of staff from reception to handover of keys post service
was fantastic. Professional but very personable and friendly. Staff looked
after us very well. I was able to take my dog in and everyone made a fuss
of him. Provided us with drinks and staff came over and checked on us
regularly. Also lovely that the sales manager I bought car from also took
time to look after us. I am not easily pleased with service but this was
exceptional and followed on from brilliant service when I bought the car."
6 Jun, 2018
"We were contacted to say the service was due. Everyone was efficient and polite in the garage and obviously knew the system. There was no delay."
4 Jun, 2018
"Treated very well, quickly seen and dealt with upon arrival. Only issue was my mobile phone details were confirmed and I did say that I would be in Perth whilst service was being done, but my home number was called to say car was ready and I only found that after I had returned home. I just went to pick the car up at the estimated time as I hadn't had call but could
7 Jun, 2018
"It’s my 11th Volkswagen from CAMERON’s and I have always had
excellent service."
7 Jun, 2018
"Everything went to the time plan."
7 Jun, 2018
"Everything went to the time plan."
15 Jun, 2018
"I have dealt with CAMERON's of Perth for many years now and have
always been treated professionally and experiences second to none!"
15 Jun, 2018

"My last car was a Tiguan and as I was very happy with it I just wanted to buy the same again."
15 Jun, 2018
"I was contacted by staff to ensure everything was satisfactory,and
welcomed to call anytime for any advice required."
15 Jun, 2018

"Very organised,even though I changed my car collection day."
15 Jun, 2018

"Took us for a test drive,to make sure we were suited to the car.also showed us video about the car."