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Volkswagen Electric/Hybrid

Electric cars and hybrid engines are the future of motoring, with new models and advances being made all the time. At the family-owned Cameron Motors Perth, we aim to achieve client satisfaction and client delight by offering the very latest in electric and hybrid vehicles from the venerable German manufacturer, Volkswagen.

Volkswagen has long been known for the quality and versatility of its traditional cars, and its range of electric and hybrid vehicles is proving to be just as impressive. Here's what you can find, and possibly take home with you, when you pay a visit to Cameron Motors Perth.

The ultimate in electronic, urban, cool, the e-up! now comes with smartphone connectivity and can travel from 0-60 in just over 12 seconds. Small, lithe and with great green credentials, the e-up! is a true city car for the modern age.

Whilst it's not on the market just yet, the e-Golf is coming soon. When it arrives, this seriously sporty, reliable and emissions free Golf is set to change the face of motoring yet again and for years to come.

Golf GTE
For those who still want and need a more traditional aspect to their vehicle, the Golf GTE is the ideal solution, pairing as it does an economical modern engine with electric motors for when you want to cut emissions further.

Passat GTE
Volkswagen's highly rated and well-regarded Passat is made even better by the inclusion of an electric component. Pairing a traditional engine unit with electric motors, the Passat GTE becomes an even more attractive proposition.

Passat GTE Estate
An altogether larger, roomier, and statelier version of the Passat GTE, the Passat GTE estate incorporates electric motors alongside its more traditional engine unit to create a car that offers a more economical and forward-facing driving experience.

If you would like to learn more about the available Volkswagen Electric/Hybrid models, please get in touch with one of our friendly team members today. You can book a test drive or pop into our showroom in Perth for an informal discussion about any of the models.

New Car stock Availability