​The New A6

Bobby's test drive


We have a vast array of demonstrators so we thought it would be a great idea to give a car to one of our Audi Specialists and they can give you a hands on report and review (totally unbiased of course). First up to be put through its paces is the new A6 and I hope you enjoy Bobby's Blog!

There are some fantastic perks working for a prestige car brand. None more so than the ability to drive all the new models when they first arrive at the dealership.

It has to be said that when the new Audi A6 arrived for the first time, there was a sense of excitement in the air. This is a model that is already known as a luxury saloon so what was it going to be like with all of the new technology?

The answer – Absolutely stunning.

Now, on to the problem – I had to hatch a plan where I could drive the car for a decent length of time, but without being obvious that I was desperate! We were all going out for a curry and my colleagues were looking for a lift, I thought this was my perfect opportunity. I would drive home (Auchterarder), get ready, come back and get them before going to the restaurant (Methven).

So, in the car I go and first things first… get into Dynamic mode (yes, I know, predictable car salesman!), second it was using the new screen to use Smartphone Interface. I was now ready to see what this car could do.

Of course, I used it as the car is intended to be used. Cruise control on and had a very smooth journey all the way down the A9. I found it very comfortable, elegant and so quiet in the cabin space.

After a quick change and my wife & kids having a peek at the A6(they loved it but they would say that) it was time to go back into Perth. This is called the “get you in the mood” drive, and by that, I mean ‘singalong’ songs you usually listen to while getting ready. Using smartphone interface to log in to Spotify it was quick and easy, but now is probably a good time to talk about Bang & Olufsen. Wow.

Fun fact – someone actually sits in the car for over 200 hours to make sure B&O is how it should be before the car goes into production. I think that is amazing and it is definitely worth the upgrade.

Anyway, back to my journey and the collection of four burly colleagues in Perth. I get there and I could tell by the look on their faces that they didn’t think they would all get in. Well they did. With more space in the rear of the new A6 compared to its predecessor, they fitted like a glove. I did hear a bit of moaning but I think that was just down to the music choice.

A chance to see how A6 was on back roads with plenty of corners. You point the car in the direction you want it to go in and it just does it with ease. The steering is light but responsive, the engine pokey but quiet, the gears quick but smooth and the feel you would expect from an Audi.

I was so excited driving this car that I couldn’t wait to take them home again….. Well that was the plan. After a chicken tikka masala and a pint of Cobra I just couldn’t get enough of it (the Cobra not the curry), so the car was left safely overnight in Methven. We did have a special moment when we left the restaurant and just stood pressing the keys to light up the new LED’s. I have to say it looks just as good at night as it does during the day. 

With the new enhanced lines down each side, a perfectly remodelled bonnet and new LED lights, it really is a gift given to us by our colleagues in Germany. 

Using Audi’s new model numbering, this was the 40 TDI or 2.0 litre TDI to you and me. With the newly enhanced 204 PS and 7 speed automatic gearbox it really is special.

For those seeking more power but still after the efficiency of a turbo-diesel, there is a 286bhp 3.0-litre badged 50 TDI which is linked to an eight-speed gearbox.

Those after a petrol car have just a single choice for the moment, with a 340bhp 3.0-litre badged 55 TFSI. 

Audi’s latest interior look and feel – first seen in the A8 and more recently in the A7 – is a step above that offered by its main German rivals.

Come and have a try for yourself – Test drives are available now and you never know, we may even end up going for a curry!!

I am sure Bobbys review has got your taste buds going for a closer look at the new A6. And even better news is the new A6 is available for immediate delivery and comes with a range of enhanced finance offers. To arrange your own test drive contact the sales team on 01738 630252 and maybe ask for Bobby if you are peckish!

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