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At Camerons, we are proud of our association with Volvo, which has lasted close to 60 years. During this time, we have thoroughly enjoyed making the esteemed Swedish marque’s current models available to motorists in the County of Perth and beyond.

The Volvo range continues to evolve, with each successive generation of car being even safer than the last – this is, of course, the brand’s number one priority.

Volvo isn’t just about keeping everyone on board as safe as possible, crucial as that is. Practicality has always been a major consideration too, as well as the build quality of each vehicle in the collection.

Today’s Volvos are among the most upmarket cars of their kind available on the market. Safe, sensible and solidly built – yes, but stylish too.


For every you.Smart. Versatile. Expressive. Meet our compact SUV – for every version of you.The XC40 SUV is available for test drive at Strathmore. Every XC40 is exceptionally well equipped.

Driver information that helps keep you in control is shown in the driver display while the centre display is a hub for connectivity, Google services, climate control, entertainment and car settings.

Why not try it as full electric?

  • 250 Mile Range,
  • 231 HP,
  • 7.4s 0-62mph,
  • 28min Fast Charge ~ 80% Charged,
  • 100% Leather Free,
  • Google Infotainment System,
  • 360 Surround View Cameras,
  • Unique Colour Palates.



The XC60, a voguish, medium-size vehicle with an extremely well-appointed cabin that delivers superb comfort and possesses plenty of technological features.

Intelligent design at every turn. Meet our smart midsize SUV with Google built in. Go the extra mile.Harness energy for a smoother drive with our mild hybrids.

Volvo XC60 Available as:

Mild Hybrid:

Reduced Carbon Emissions,
48V Battery.


46 Mile Electric Range,
455 Power.


The XC90, meanwhile, is a big, luxurious SUV that comfortably conveys up to seven travellers, while its four-wheel-drive system makes it indomitable in an array of testing conditions.

Stylish. Spacious. Something special. Make yourself comfortable in our most luxurious SUV – now with Google built in. Attention to detail and a commitment to your comfort make every mile in the XC90 SUV a pleasure

The XC90 can either be a mild hybrid with a 48v battery or can come as a plug in hybrid with up to 41 miles of electric range

Volvo EC40

The shape of things to come.  Discover our pure electric crossover with leather free interior and Google built-in.

A pure heart in a daring body. Get to know our electric crossover.

Up to 341 miles Electric range

4.7s Acceleration (0-62 mph)

408 hp Power

27min Fast charge 10-80%

Meet our TWO new full electric cars

Volvo EX90 - Meet the new fully electric EX90, a premium 7-seater SUV that defines a new era for safety.

EX30.Big electric performance in a small package.

Please click on any Volvo model that interest you to learn more and if you would like to book a test drive,

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